Video Slots with the theme pirates and privateers


Internet casino free is always fun and among the popular games are also games based on pirates. Everyone would like to be a bad guy. There is no role that is more exciting than a pirate looking for the treasure on the high seas. The good news is that there are several online slot machines that allow us to pick up our pirate's weapon of choice and to follow a treasure map in search of countless treasures. Part of this treasure is on board other ships you must plunder and plunder while some are buried on desserts. There is even the chance to meet famous pirates like Long John Silver and Captain Flint, and some who are even more fun, as well as Captain Jackpot.

Popular games with this theme

If you want a bit moronic on the high seas, then you'll definitely an adventure with Captain Jackpot Ahoy, an online slot game from the creators Barcrest, try. Based on the Pirates of the Caribbean films, you will accompany Captain Jackpot in his quest to reveal treasure cards and ultimately find the buried treasure - from which you get your share. There is also the chance to plunder other ships for which you can win prizes while, as the title suggests, you also get the chance to win a jackpot!

These casino games also offer the chance to sail with the legendary pirate ship Hispaniola, where you get the chance to meet legendary pirates Jack Hawkins, Long John Silver and Captain Flint while sailing in the direction of Treasure Island.

Some known slots based on these topics

The Goldbeard Slot

If you've ever wondered what famous pirate has found the treasure, let's introduce the Goldbeard to the richest pirates. You can win all sorts of rewards and bonuses by engaging in this deep sea adventure, including finding clues to some buried treasures, guns, parrots, treasure chests, and ships.

X Marks the Spot

This is a super absorbing game that invites you to become a part of the pirate crew, which campaigns for the buried treasure chests with gold jewels and precious stones. Choose this beautiful video slot in online casinos and get ready for an incredible adventure together with brave pirates and online roulette.

Captain's Treasure Pro

For playing in a non-progressive slot, with 5 reels, 20 pay lines and lots of treasure symbols, Captain's Treasure Pro game. The symbols, along with the graphics and animations, and the design of the game, will add a lot of fun to your player experience. Let us not forget the great sound effects. With the cash prizes that appear as chances to reward you especially, the game makes you happy and allows you to relax in a pleasant way.